What you need to do to grow your business

Most people take it for granted that they think they know how to best sell their own product or service.  But there are some tips and tricks an a process involved which take knowledge and skill to perfect.

For example, did you know that it takes between 6 -9 touch points for people to do business with you.  Incredible isn’t it, but it’s just part of the trust building and getting to know you people need before they interact on a monetary level with you.

I can tailor a package to help you to grow your business with some Savvy Selling Tips as well or:

  • First steps to selling
  • Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition USP
  • Authentic sales – Relationship building
  • Asking for the sale. Identifying buying signals
  • Self promotion and Sales
  • Perception vs reality
  • How to translate into tangible, desirable attributes
  • Getting over your sales resistance
  • Social Media & email marketing