Writing is all about Emotional Impact.

Do you or your business struggle to get the attention and leads you need to be noticed??

We are currently living in an age of not only information overload but more and more of scepticism and dis-trust.  All around us we are being bombarded with so much information, it’s hard to keep up.  So how do we know who to trust?

I pride myself on being trust-worthy and committed to getting the results my clients are looking for whether it be marketing, writing, editing or PR. That’s my promise to you.

Why? I have vision, strong values and ethics and am driven by the ‘mission’ at hand with full passion and commitment to getting the job done to your complete satisfaction.

“You always get value for money when working with Violet as she insists on going over and above expectations”.

Writing Skills

  • Create an impact using killer headlines for your website or brochure/flyer/blog
  • Create effective Website strategy & content with Create and clear concise messaging
  • How to structure to gain attention
  • Utilise persuasive writing techniques to gain immediate action


Need to tweak or create your LinkedIn profile? Many people are not comfortable talking about themselves objectively and LinkedIn is gaining in popularity and usage every day as a tool for connecting on a business level.

Flyers & PR

If you need punchy headlines or copy for a brochure or flyer, Media Release or BIO, I can create them quickly and succinctly, with finesse and style, reflecting who you are.

I write fluently and intuitively for my clients through a variety of writing mediums, capturing your individuality and talents which are specific to you.

I write with creative flair and can draw out your unique skills and attributes, write about them objectively and make you shine!  I’ll match my carefully crafted words to your personality, product or service whilst keeping your target audience top of mind.