Violet Browne is the “Go To” person for practical marketing expertise.

Marketing (Clear Vision, Target Markets, Goals & Objectives, Research, Strategy, Practical tips

Do you have a clear Vision for your business?  I can help you create a ‘5 minute Mind Map’.

So, you’ve set your goals, but how do you work out who your target market is? Who is your ideal client?

Setting your Objectives

The old saying goes….you need to know where you’re going before you can know how to get there.  Likewise, before you plan your strategy, you need a ‘road map’ which includes clearly defined objectives. To define your objectives, they must be SMAT:

  • Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed
  • Viaccom Marketing assists small businesses to achieve their vision using a 7 step Marketing Template approach to getting the results you want
  • Using the wisdom of experience, our point of difference is that we work with you utilising simple, practical strategies that provide clarity and direction in reaching your goals.
  • We de-mystify marketing and make it simple whilst practical and easy to implement
  • Social Media & email marketing – picking the right platform